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Training in the Philippines at Eskrima Carin HQ, with Gm Alfredo Carin and Vicente Carin. 

- private training

- group training

- Instructor courses

- Cebu grandmaster tours

- Cebu sightseeing tour


Private Training sessions are the quickest and most effective way to learn.

Private Lessons are an individual training option for people who prefer to work 'one on one'. They can be taken as an adjunct to group lessons, or as a stand alone training program. Privates can be a great tool for brushing up on weak areas or to delve into areas of personal interest.  The lesson will be given by GM Alfredo Carin and GM Vicente Carin.

Private Lesson topics can be anything of interest to the student. Lessons can progress at the student's own pace, and can span any range of topics.

Personal programs can be set up to address a wide range of specific physical problems or sports specific goals.

Top 5 Benefits of Private Training Sessions

  1. Concentrated workouts
  2. Quicker Results
  3. Increased attention and guidance
  4. In-depth Explanations
  5. Customized Training Program


If you have you're own group or school.  Than you can come over or we come to you and train with youre group and give them a great experience.  The group will be led by Gm Alfredo Carin and Gm Vicente Carin.  They will garanty for the qaulity and the awesome experience for you're group.

Gm Alfredo Carin and Vicente Carin have bin succesfully training forener groups for years.  Their energy, authusiasm and allways positive mentality will make youre training a great succes.


click on the link for more information of our instructor courses..


Gm Carin Alfred en Vicente are training eskrima for all of their lives.  Because of that they know allmost all the masters and Grandmaster in Cebu.  If you want to experience the abanico of Filipino Martial Arts, they can arrange you a trip were you can train with dozens of masters and grandmasters of different styles..

No Politics, only FMA...


Do you want see more than Filipino Martial Arts alone?  There are many things to do and see in Cebu City and Lapu Lapu City, Mactan Island, and whether you're used to Vegas, Hawaii or Dubai, there's something for everyone here.  Cebu is full of history and has a beautiful nature...

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