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Eskrima Carin is devolped by late Sgm Vicente "Inting" Carin 12th Degree Black Belt Doce Pares


He was a man of fights yet after all these years, he was a true eskrimador whose loyalty and devotion have remained for the martial arts.  Vicente “Inting” Carin is one of the more popular grandmasters of Doce Pares whose styles and techniques in actual eskrima combat is legendary. It was his famous uncle Ponciano “Ponsing Ybanez who brought him up to the world of Eskrima.

In World War II, Carin joined the resistance movement. It is when he greatly improved his skills in FMA when trained by his fellow guerrillas during WW II.  When the war ended in 1945, he enlisted himself to the Doce Pares Organization under Grandmaster Felimon “Momoy” Canete.  He became a loyal and dedicated member until his death of illness at the age of 82 year old in December of 2004.  He has more than 30 true to life undefeated Eskrima / Knife death matches.  He was a great defender for the prestige and honor of his club DOCE PARES during the turbulent years of Eskrima in Cebu in the late 50 s . He has hurled a challenge of Juego Todo ( No hold Barred) Eskrima fight to all Eskrima Masters outside DOCE PARES during his time. He was a Boxer, Combat Judoist, Eskrimador. Arnisador, Knife and Pangamot ( bare handed ) in fighting Enthusiast and Talisman ( Anting Anting ) practitioner, A High Profile Personality Security Provider / Bodyguard, His high passion is to propagate the True Nature Form of Eskrima / Arnis / Kali the pride and honor of The Filipinos Worldwide.  His first organization identity in the 80 s was VICAR ( Vicente Carin ) SELF DEFENSE CLUB

SGM Carin made a name in martial arts. In fact, he had won several matches. However, there were times of his life that his skill had been put to a real test. It was during May 19, 1950 when a very scary incident almost took his life.

Carin was invited to a friend’s party in Mabolo, Cebu City. Apparently, his friend had enemies who attacked him. When he tried to intervene, the attackers turned their rage on him instead. His friend escaped, while he took the brunt of the attack.

The attackers used knives, stones, chairs, tables, benches and pieces of wood in beating him, while Carin fought them barehanded. According to the police officers there were at least 10 people led by four brothers involved in the attack. The fight lasted for 10 minutes and stopped only when the policemen responded. Most of them were sent to the hospital, while some were able to flee from the scene of the crime. Carin was presumed to be dead and was sent to the funeral parlor. Eugelio Cañete, President of Doce Pares, upon hearing the news rushed to funeral parlor. Cañete sensed a sign of life and ordered Carin be brought to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, he started to breathe and regained consciousness. He survived from more than 10 serious wounds, that would have ended any ordinary man’s life. When he recovered, Carin said that God saved his life for some specific mission in life. According to Carin, Eskrima has helped him for his survival when facing an almost certain death.

Carin, as a tough man and a warrior of life, has fully recovered from the incident. He began opening the world of Eskrima to his students at the San Nicolas Sports and Cultural Center at San Nicolas District. His sons Alfred and Vicente Jr., who are both accomplished eskrimadors, helped their father in attending to their students.

Carin as one of the legendary warriors whose popularity echoed throughout the entire Doce Pares organization has remained the top favourite among all visiting masters and students coming from other countries. He is indeed an epic in the world of Eskrima.

After his death in December 2004, his sons GM Alfredo Carin and GM Vicente Carin jr. proceed to teach and promote their fathers art of Eskrima.  SGM Diony Canete Doce Pares Chairman Emeritus suggested their identity would be CARIN ' S DOCE PARES because Sgm Vicente was a very popular figure in Doce Pares Club during his time.


In 2010 , GM Alfredo and GM Vicente Jr. renamed the group to ESKRIMA CARIN INTERNATIONAL.

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