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The basic course makes sure that you have a good foundation to build youre further FMA structure on.  It will not only teach you, but in the mean time you will learn how to teach  new students, with no background in any martial arts.

Being a good fighter, doesnt mean that you are also a great teacher!

With our new program, we will not only teach you how to fight, but we also teach you how to teach...  So we make sure you become a fighter and you know how to guide youre students in a proper way.

Basic Instructor Program Accelerated Training

What is an accelerated training program?

An accelerated program is an intensive course of study, which covers the material of an all Instructor in a shorter time.  Depending on the students abillity and motivation! 

What previous experience is needed to enrol on the course?

A background in a weapons based system would be helpful, but is not essential. Most people who enrol on this course are of intermediate level in some other martial art.  Even with no background in Martial Arts, the Basic Instructor course will give you the right foundations to become a good Instructor.  Some people train for so many years, 1-2 times a week and still dont have a good level or understanding what they are doing.  They just copy their teacher for so many years without thinking or doubting what they are doing.  This course will give you a full understanding of our style, principles, visions, ...  And we force you to do research, doubt things, so that we are constantly under inspection.  And that will make our program even stronger...

What is the course content?
The course is build up in sets, each set has its own focus and details.  But once you've seen all the set, you will learn how to connect them or how to make transitions from one set to another.  So its not just copying techniques, it's knowing how to use those techniques...

The Basic Course has the following sets:

1. Footwork
2. Striking sets
3. Blocking sets
4. Counter for counter sets
5. Disarming sets
6. Fighting drills
7. Sparring drills

8. History of Filipino Martial Arts
9. History of the Philippines
10. How to teach?
11. How to buid up a class?
12. What are te common mistakes?

Workshop dates?

The workshop dates are booked via appointment only either by phone or email, as the course is taught on a 1 to 1 basis and the dates are booked based upon availability for both the student and the Instructor.

For this time, there are only 3 person recognised to teach the instructor courses:

Grandmaster Alfred Carin sr.

Grandmaster Vicente Carin jr.

Master De Hondt Robby

Where are the workshops held?

there are 3 options to follow the course:

1. Eskrima Carin International HQ, Cebu City, Philippines

2. Eskrima Carin Europe HQ, Limburg, Belgium

3. Home or school of the student/instructor

How much does the course cost in total?

Cost: – Please contact us and we will get back to you with cost and timings.

What qualification do I get upon successful completion of this course?

If you allready have a good level in Filipino Martial Arts, it's possible to combine the Basic Instructor and Instructor Level 1.

You will be qualified as an Basic Instructor in Eskrima Carin - and Filipino Martial Arts

Youre certificate and lineage will be off a true family line in the Philippines.

What happens once I complete this course?

Upon successful completion, you will be eligible to enroll on the next phase of the Instructors program. 

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