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CARIN COMBATIVES, is a program build on the true life fighting experience of late Sgm Vicente "Inting" Carin.  He has proven his FMA skills during his tour of duty as a Resistance fighter during the WW II. He was declared missing and dead 3 times. All of these he survived. In the post war era he joined DOCE PARES CLUB and became a loyal and dedicated member until his death of illness at the age of 82 year old in December of 2004.

He has more than 30 true to life undefeated Eskrima / Knife death matches .He was a great defender for the prestige and honor of his club DOCE PARES during the turbulent years of Eskrima in Cebu in the late 50 s . He has hurled a challenge of Juego Todo ( No hold Barred) Eskrima fight to all Eskrima Masters outside DOCE PARES during his time. He was a Boxer , Combat Judoist , Eskrimador . Arnisador , Knife and Pangamot ( bare handed ) in fighting Enthusiast and Talisman ( Anting Anting ) practitioner , A High Profile Personality Security Provider / Bodyguard.

We created a new structure that will allow all the learn our system, It will give you a better view on Filipino Martial Arts and all its aspects.  The program is devided in several specialisations.  This means that the student/instructor will get a full program on all these areas in FMA.  You will get a much better understanding on how to train but also on how to teach...

Carin Combatives Founders

GM Alfredo Carin sr.

GM Vicente Carin jr.

M Robby De Hondt


Carin Combatives Courses

Basic Instructor - Single Stick Largo Mano

Instructor level 1 - Single Stick Media Largo

Instructor Level 2 - Single Stick Corto

Instructor Level 3 - Double stick

Instructor Level 4 - Olisi y Baraw / Espada y Daga

Instructor Level 5 - Combat Judo / Filipino Knife Fighting

Instructor Level 6 - Bankaw / Long staff / Spear

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